How do you get the disco/funky house guitar sound?

In the disco loops tutorial, Phil uses a chord that he has played in himself on his own guitar (i believe it is a C minor seventh chord that he uses).

What’s the best way for me to get this sound with this kind of chord without playing in the chords on a guitar myself?

Can i just get some samples - one sample for each of the different notes that make up the chord, and put them together playing at the same time - do you think this would sound as good (provided they were good samples)?

I guess i might have to slightly stagger the timing of the notes, as if a real guitarist was strumming the strings at slightly different times?

Also, how is this sound created using a real guitar? Is it using a wah-wah pedal? Is that all?

Can you give me some guidance on how to get this sound myself without playing it in on a guitar myself?

Thanks, David.

its just a clean guitar sound… best using a strat or a telecaster into a AC30 (guitar rig) to get that jangly sound.

you can add wahwah after to get more funk.

I wasnt able to find any sample packs when i was doing the course which is why i ended up doing my own.

anyone with basic guitar skills should be able to bang these out.

Thanks Bryan - i wonder why there aren’t any sample packs for this - there must be loads of people like me who don’t have a guitar or easy access to someone with a guitar who can play it?

Sample pack 92 on this list is funk guitars, 289 samples in total. You should find something you’d like, or be able to cut a few up.

There’s loads off good free packs here.

Thanks mate - i’ll download it later!