How do you guys promote your SoundCloud?

Hey fellow Academy users,

How do you guys promote your SoundCloud besides from follow-back tactics? I mean SoundCloud is really important so that it could attract a label or even increase your own fanbase, so how to do it? I am a new SoundCloud artist so far I have been using this website for my promotion: Now they take care of me well over there but its too pricey for a student haha! I know my friends also use that service and they all got good results, but how to get them for free? Please post here your ideas or experiences!:smiley:

Honestly I think its two things I have seen other people doing:

-Follow crap loads of people and hope they follow you back, once you reach 2000 wait and see who adds you for a while and then delete the followers and follow another 2000. Its really cheap and I hope you dont do it. I never will personally resort to that…

-Produce good music… Speaks for it self really.

That being said I will never resort for the first option personally, second option is what I aim for but cant get there lol…

Good luck.

Yes those seem like the best options, but the 2nd one is what counts in the end isnt it? But what annoys me the most nowadays is that getting your music out there is so freaking hard…

i dont think most signed artists are making much money tbh, i think you need to become popular enough for people to want you to dj if you wanna eern a living at it, get lucky with one or two big tracks or something, theres people with tons of followers on facebook and i doubt most of them are earning very much just from their music alone and how the **** is anyone gonna break through when theres like thousands of pretty much the same track being released on beatport every month :stuck_out_tongue:

Be different.

Make the best music you can. I have noticed as my tracks have got better Ive gained more followers. Also give honest crits of other peoples tracks. People on there will appreciate it. I’ll follow anyone on there that has given me an honest bit of feedback. The people on there that have hundreds of comments on their tracks , that spam other people with fake comments are ruining a great service. Dont do it. Eventually your music will have to stand up.