How do you make heavy basslines dive?

Foreign Beggars & Noisia 'CONTACT' Official Video - YouTube


I’m sure this forum has had enough Noisia and whatnot put on here lol, but I’ve been messing with resampling alot lately and want to take my weird *** basslines a bit further and make them move in a song.

Here’s some results I got today from messing around with resampling.

New Homemade Sounds - Resampling! by TankedMetal

I have no idea what that video I just watched is. I’m getting too old for this sh*t, I think.

Your bassline is awesome, though.

Try Modulation!

How do Noisia get so loud with their mastering?

Yeah that’s kind of a given, but specifically what different techniques are there to use in Ableton?

to get your pitch to dive route your pitch to an LFO and play with the settings.:slight_smile:

Reading is king.

get yourself a decent book and read, read, read.

thats how a lot of heavy bass sounds were made.

btw there are online manuals aswell as youtube tutorials etc.


  • distortion
  • saturation
  • sidechaining if needed
  • chorus/flanger for special gimmicks
  • vintage warmer
  • chamel phat

  • pitch envelope
  • Filters
  • glide etc.
  • modulation
  • LFO automations

    try different settings, experiment, get ready have fun!