How do you organize your music?

Hey people,

I am about to rework my music library since its getting a bit messy and I was wondering how other musicians organize their music.

Me for instance, I use iTunes for everything. I rate all my tracks, and do the genre. I also create folders for every month and put the music I downloaded that month into this folder.

What sorts of genres do you use?

Do you guys subdivide your music into feelings (e.g. happy, dark, pushing,…) and how do you do that?

Do you have any further tips and impressions??

Have you checked out the smart playlist in iTunes? I find that a really usefull way of organising my tunes.

Havent tried this yet. Thanks for the suggestion…

Well, I only organize my music for dj’ing.

I do it like this, my dj folder. make a folder with the day i bought the music and the name of beatport.

thats the only thing i do:D