How do you provide your multitracks to a mixing engineer?

I know this can be really a silly question, but I’m really having trouble in providing multitracks of my own song to another people for mixing./PPI prefer to mix my works on my own (while I’m producing), but from time to time I have to hand it over to another person for mixing. And whenever I’m requested to do that, I’m really having difficulties how I should export my tracks. I always think like ‘Should I remove the side-chain?’, ‘What aboutnbsp;EQs and aux channels that I madenbsp;as complementations, Should I keep them or not?’/PPOf course it’s just my choice and I’m free to do whatever I like to do. However, I just wonder if you guys have any static rules or principals for making multitrack sources for another person.

I would say that any effects ie. sidechain, delays etc. that are fundamental to the track as an ‘idea’ should
Other processing designed to improve the ‘quality’ of the track, ie. eq’ing, compression, limiters should be left to the
I suppose it also comes down to the quality of the engineer and how much work they are prepared to do on each channel as well as on the master channel.