How do you scroll up on ableton while holding/moving a channel

Like lets say you have 50 channels and you want to move the bottom channel all the way to the top, Its such a time consumer to move it by dropping above 8 channels and then the next 8 untill you get to the top. Either that or you find the “sweet spot” that makes it auto scroll up, but the speed it scrolls is so slow as well

Which DAW???

I don’t think there is a way around it, usually if you go into the session view it’s a little easier. Otherwise, you’ll find if you have a lot of your sections ‘grouped’ then moving the whole group tends to be less of an issue if the other groups are minimised.

Just cut and paste, the same as every other computer program.

Highlight the channel you want to move, click CTRL + X

Click the channel where you want to put it and click CTRL + V

Ha ha so simple Ant!

I’ll remember that. :smiley:

your solution is awesome!

Thank you very much :smiley:

[quote]Mr. Nobody (10/04/2012)[hr]Which DAW???[/quote]

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