How do you stream Abelton over the internet?

I have a focusrite saffire pro 24 (firewire). I am running Windows 7 (64) where I often use programs like PalTalk,, etc. to stream live mixes from my DJ “hardware”. Now, hardware is pretty easy to stream because all I do is plug it into the line in and stream. The problem is I cannot figure out how to stream from Abelton directly from my computer without (1) purchasing a virtual audio cable program (the demo will interrupt the music every 30 secs with a voice over stating demo), or (2) buying some small TRS cables and routing the output on the audio interface back into the input (which I am theoretically assuming works). The problem is both of the previous methods cost money and I am willing to bet there are ways around this. Currently on my control panel (sound) windows 7 shows 1 speaker icon in the “PLAYBACK” and 1 microphone in the recordings. I have made it where it shows hidden devices and there are none. Anybody know anything about this?

u got a pc and a laptop?

Just a PC.

strange about the control panel thing, when I look at my sound options I can see a number of external devices from my audio knotrol 1 and all my internal on board stuff. try ****in about in there more, look at recording options and playback devices etc… just an idea, if not looks like ur need that cable to loop from ur external sound card back to ur internal one which will work, I do that when I use traktor. maybe also check all the options in ableton…

sorry I cant be more help mate. I’m sure you could get that softwhere from somewhere… :wink: if u know what I mean…

Yeah, it appears I have going to have to maybe run sound out of my headphone jack into the line-in. that’s the only way it appears that it can be done. I am a bit sketchy with all the past problems I’ve been having with hardware to install software that is going to make changes to the sound which i finally got working after some hardware probs with audio kontrol 1. lol.

You would think that they would give you some kind of option, I looked in abelton and could not find anything but I am not a pro at routing in ableton either, I basically know how to tell abelton how many ins and outs i have and re-sample, thats about it :frowning: