How is distortion used?

I’m trying to use distortion on my leads to get a more dubstep sounding effect, but it leaves a really high pitched ringing frequency on my synth. I have no clue how to eliminate that, anybody have any ideas?

What you’re doing is adding harmonics to your original sound. You should do one or both of this… Either change the settings on the distortion to get a different effect, and/or throw a low pass filter on it or a notch filter to remove that frequency.

Well see I added the low pass filter, then added the distortion and thats where the ringing noise came from, but the only way i’m getting the sound i want is with the distortion.

add another filter on the end or move the LPF to the end of your chain.

what do you mean to the end of the chain

I think he means to change the order of inserts:

Sound → Distortion Plug-In → LPF



I tried rearranging the chain, and I guess its the distortion vst I’m using because its still ringing