How is SA doing?

First of all I want to start by saying I love Sonic Academy. I have learn’t so much here and continue to learn more every day. its such an incredible resource, I can’t help but talk so ridiculously high of it when I’m conversing with others that sometimes the other person must think I work for you guys, but its only because I think this website is absolutely incredible.

Sometimes I get a bit concerned, especially when I look on the forums and the comments on tutorials at what appears to be so few people, it makes me wonder how well Sonic Academy is doing. It would be like a nightmare to me if you guys ever disappeared, I assume from the website revamb that you guys are doing okay? Is there anyway us subscribers can help to make sure as many people know and use SA as possible, so you guys will be around for a long time? Or are you guys raking it in and I’m just crazy?

Just curious,


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@Gray_Fox We are doing great thanks! :wink:

It has been an interesting year for us as we where spending so much time developing new stuff… i.e web site… kick 2 and some other plugin stuff yet to be anounced. Everything was kind of waiting on the new site before we really start pushing hard again.

Our previous forums where a bit old school… also the disqus vs the forums where most people where using disqus to chat rather than forums made the forums a seem a bit empty.

Weve now combined both elements and are currently trying to port all the previous posts across from the old site.

Our previous site was a horrible platform and extreemly costly to devlop on. The rebuild was essential for us to build in new ideas and features. We have a long list of stuff we want to do and its much easier to do it on the new platform. So over the next year we hope to introduce a much bigger community/sharing aspect to the site.

If you have ideas for for any features youd like to see on the site we would love to hear them!

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That’s awesome to hear Phil, really happy to know you guys are doing well. I’m enjoying the new site and its layout, everything looks great.

The only two things I can think of are 1) If Chris could do a walkthrough of the latest version of Logic looking into the new features and an overview of the new Drum Machine designer and Alchemy that would be useful. 2) Possibly the idea of creating some kind of ear training tools / plugins to help develop one’s ear for EQing, like the earplugins tool you recommended on the Mixing - Creating space tutorial from a few years ago. Something like that, that incorporates training to help aspiring producers develop their skills would be cool.

Thanks for all your hard work,


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One for you @chris_agnelli

We looked at the ear training thing before - again something that we can no investigate and implement a lot easier with the new site :smile:

How are you getting on with getting through all the courses

Thanks @bryan_spence - We actually have a mixing course currently being recorded, by someone I am very excited the bring to the site. Here is an overview -

Title: “How Make The Cleanest Wall Of Sound In EDM”

Course Outline: In this multi-part course, we’ll go into the process behind making a track sound bigger and larger than life. Follow along as we breakdown the elements of the mix process and give you top-industry tips on how to creatively use gain-staging and dynamics processing to achieve a huge sound.

Hopefully will be out early next month - think this one will be big :wink:

New site looks great. I like how you host your own forum without having to use a third party like Disqus.

The new comments will be populating the course pages again soon and all of the old forum topics should be coming across too :smile: so things will start to look a lot busier.

I will be moving all of these posts our of the feedback area when that happens and into the general discussion.

I’m about 89 tutorials in to the 226 I would like to complete by the end of November this year. It’s a lot of work but I’m still sticking with it, definitely a lot of notes I will have to sort through at the end of it all. I realize its all too much for me to possibly remember but at least It’s pointing out which tutorials stand out. And there is always a tidbit or two to write down for the future, and if nothing else the constant repetition will help drill a template into my head and give me a roadmap for when I get back into making my own stuff.

Awesome Chris any chance of getting a tech tip or an overview of the newest release of Logic Pro X with some insight into Alchemy and the Drum Machine designer?

Great only thing I would suggest is more preset packs for A.N.A but dont have chords in presets let me do the chords myself. Heres a track I made using the A.N.A Synth

Really love the site, I wouldn’t know what I know now if it wasn’t for you guys, thank you!

I would like to see a bit more diversity in the tutorial genres. I appreciate you guys specialise in EDM but i would love to see more tutorials on everything from minimal tech house (martinez brothers, tini or anything with the DC10 balearic sound) to old skool hip hop, to commercial radio tracks with vocalists. that would be awesome and very different…

Also a course on setting up hardware/live performance would be great as I have been trying to figure out how our band will perform and I’m a bit clueless :frowning:

Thanks for everything so far and love the new website!

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Hey Deanmau5,
thanks for the comment, yeah, we are definitely trying to bring more diverse content to the site in the coming months, more left of field stuff. We have had some good stuff like -


Chilled Techno

Even Moombahcore

But yeah, we are pushing in that direction.

As for the live setup, will sure look into that - perhaps Vince Watson would be a good shout there as he has quite a good live thing going on.

Cheer for the comments - keep em coming.

wall of sound, Bluestone then?!!

Thanks for your reply Chris! will check out those courses and looking forward to what’s coming. For tech house, I loved the Alex Tepper tutorial, another one from him would be excellent!

Track sounds great, new preset pack coming very soon, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any chord presets!. If any presets do have chords pre-programmed, you can always hit the reset button in the ‘Chord Hold’ area of ANA and it will become a single note again!

It’s been a while since there were any fast track builds. Those were lots of fun. It is interesting watching you guys listen to tracks and pick out the bits you like. I must have watched the techno one 4 times. I love your site and im looking forward to the things in development. The new site is awesome too.

Hi, can we have a course on how to make tropical house? i’m really keen on Sonic Academy introducing tropical house to the site :slight_smile:

How about a tutorial on the Korg M1 plug in?
a lot of your tutors love it and recommend it, so i bought it off the back of that, and it does have a lot of great sounds, but i would like to get into the finer details of how to use it.
i also have ANA and thats great too, and that is a lot more user friendly:)

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