How Many People Use Sylenth?

As above, Just wondered how many of the sonic academy members are users of this lovely little synth.

Nope, only have the free version.

Just watched some youtube demos of this sexy synth and i’m blown away, gotta get this at some point!!

I use it, it’s great. Only for tiny effects though mind, little bleeps and such like.

I’m planning to use it more though

use it, love it, hope to see more tutorials like the that sound the crookers tutorial

to see what other amazing things it can do.

only mentioned this synth as i’ve been using it for a while now and its probably the best sounding vst i have.

been trying to remake some trance and dance leads with it and it sounds fantastic getting some really good results, i’ll post up the mp3’s and presets when i’m finished

Just been messing around with the demo of sylenth and i’m impressed. just need to work out what the actual benefit of getting this is. i’ll have a good think :slight_smile:

it is the basic synth of my new productions

Yep!! I use too…

Does anyone fancy ‘lending’ it to me? :wink: It’s the recession, i’m broke :frowning:

Bittorrent is always pretty generous at lending out VSTs :slight_smile:

Try before buy :stuck_out_tongue:

think for the sake of our host we shouldn’t be openly talking about those sorta free plugins on a forum.

I would never endorse such a thing :cool:

even though sylenth price is quite affordable (at least to my pocket) i believe that software companies should reconsider the prices of their products.


just imagine how many people would prefer to have an original copy of Ableton if the price was more logical… i can undertand that they have huge expences but they also have to understand that they are not only referring to pro music studios but also amateur music lovers. in the end they loose bigger money by the piracy…

the same also stands for sample selling companies… loopmasters etc

Considering about 6-7 years ago i spent 30k on a studio which today i could do in a laptop with around £400-500 quids worth of plugins and software. i reckon getting into music production these days is a total bargain.

The Slyenth to me is one of the best most affordable & easy to use synths ive ever had the pleasure of owning.

Its got me back into programing sounds from scratch which i hadnt really done in years.

its crazy when guys say that software is expensive, even to buy a basic rack set up from reason in hardware would put a serious dent in most peoples pockets.

the great one that gets me every time is when guys say they would never spend that sort of money on software and then pay out £1500 on a virus or Nord.

ok Phill,

i agree with you, but just think how many people were into electronic music production using analog stuff before a decade…

very few… in comparison with nowdays that finally anyone can get envolved in music in digital format…

in the past, most of them were pro musicians and pro djs or people that could afford few k’s

since the market has grown wildly and widely, it is pitty that companies, that have contributed so much in the industry, to loose money just because their prices are still out of an ordinary amateur musician’s budget.

mafia has been always following a simple code:

“it is better to take 100$ from 50 people than 5000$ from one, the individual could die (haha) or get bankrupt!!!”

that’s why they are globally the most succesfull ‘corporation’!!!

tks/ m.e.


thank god(or anything else) i have a good job and a good salary and most of the software i use are original.

do you consider that a young folk in the age of 15 with his parents working as ordinary labours can afford 2k to purchase a descent home studio pluged with vsts and a daw??

i think not or at least they will have to make a big sucrifice in order help their boy to proceed with his hobby.


when i was 15 i had a second hand 4 track and a yamaha pss 51.

if your just learning you dont need a full studio setup…

a basic computer and a controller with the free ableton live lite or reason adapted is all you need and you could the lot for £300 including the computer.