How many producers have Relative Ear training?

Even though relative ear training is really hard wouldnt it be worth the work?

Not only would you spend less time trying to get ideas out of your head but you could analyze the chords and rhythm of every song you hear, so every time you hear a tune youd be learning a ton!

I think that ear training would be what some people would call ‘talent’ yet its something we can all get within like 4 years. So eartraining skills + all your tech skills would launch an amazing music career for sure.

Just something ive been thinking about lately, itd be cool to get your guys’ opinions

I heard Daft punk has it, anyone know any other producers that might?

Heres a link for more info about relative pitch

Cool video… Im pretty good playing from ear… Really helps with coming up with ideas.

That software looks really cool. We used to do interval training in school. Defo useful.

Having your ear trained does help a lot in the creative process. I’ve been playing guitar since I was a kid and learned mostly by ear and now it has turned out to be a valuable skill.

You don’t even have to be a master at it (by master a mean identifying exact chords just by listening). As long as your ear is trained enough to be able to match notes or chords easily with your piano or instrument of choice you should be good.

I find it specially useful when you have an idea in your head that you want to translate into your DAW, or when remixing stuff.

Definitely worth the time learning it. A cool way to practice it is so play along to songs you are familiar with and tying to figure out the chords, melody, bass etc. Its fun and gratifying once you finally figure it out.