How should I proceed to my training?

Hello guys,

I’m a new subscriber to this website. I have little background with electronic music production, but I’m actually a jazz musician. So I’m very accustomed to music theory.

My aim to subscribe this website is to learn the concepts of electronic music production, get the most out from my Ableton Live 8, and in the end, to be able to mix dance music elements to my jazz compositions.

My favorite genre is IDM by the way.

So far, I have completed the tutorials: Make Music with Ableton Live Intro - Beginner, and Software Training Make Music with Ableton Live 6.

I feel very comfortable with my Ableton Live after completing those tutorials. But how should I proceed? Which tutorials would you recommend for me, and why?

Also what would be a good source for finding samples? I prefer the free ones, but I would purchase if there is reasonable prices.

Thanks in advance for your responses,


Hey welcome aboard!

you could try tech house - lots of info on beats creation and creating grooves.

if you want more production techniques the reverb and compression course are really useful.

Most courses come with a bunch of samples… browse around a few courses and download the resources packs for extra samples.