How to audio without changing pitch of song


What is the best way to add audio file into Ableton? I am dragging an audio file to my arrange view into a audio track but it is changing the BPM of the whole song to match the audio´s pitch.


just change the global tempo back to what you would like it to be

don’t know what causes it but the occasional audio file will make abletons global BPM change. if this happens do ^^^^^^ and change the bpm back to your original settings.

but the master BPM does not change.It keeps its value but speeds up the whole song.

Even changing the master bpm to a lower number the song gets acelerated.

Have you tried turning off ‘Warp’ in the clips settings. Also try the different warping modes, that changed how the audio is affected.

The options are like beats, tones, complex etc. Infact iirc, one is called ‘Pitch’. which can possibly cause the exact thing you are talking about.

Play about with those and see if that helps.

there is a tut about wraping, give it a view, might hep

can you get a screen shot of the audio in clip view. sometimes ableton miscalculates the bpm and doubles it for example a downtempo or r’n’b song has a bpm of 75 but ableton says its 150 bpm which is the bpm where drum and bass is around.

in the clip view there is a box labeled seg bpm try multiplying this by 2 and enter the number in that box. then change the global tempo back to what it originally was