How to change my Profile Picture

Hello from a new user. I just subscribed a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed working my way through a few of the tutorials. The depth and variety of the tutorials is great! I only wish I had more hours in the day to spend here :slight_smile:

Now a quick question - how do I change my profile picture? I can go into the settings and see ways to change my Profile Background and User Card Background, but no button to change the Profile Picture.

Thanks for the great site!


Hi Jeff & welcome to S.A & the Forums, happy to read that you enjoy the site :wink:

Sonic Academy main website & the forums are linked but your S.A. Forums Profile Preferences and your S.A. Main Account Settings are 2 different things, allowing you to have more custom options on the forums like nickname & email.

That said, your Profile Picture is the same for the Forums & the main Site but it has to be changed from your Main Site Account Settings, this can’t be done from your forums Account Preferences.

@willsonic answered your question in a separated topic, please check this link : Profile Picture