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Hi there!

Thanks for your message and glad you are enjoying the site! If you go here once you have logged in you can change your profile picture where it says ‘Avatar’ : Sign Up

Update - seems to have been a Firefox cache issue. I cleared the cache, closed my browser and re-opened it, and now all is well. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the reply. I followed the link and changed the picture, and I now see my new profile picture on the Sonic Academy home page. But when I come to the Forums, I don’t see the new profile picture, just a green ‘J’. I tried logging out and logging back in but no luck. I must be missing something somewhere…

@jwnicholson Hi Jeff,

Make sure to validate the changes using the update button on the Sonic Academy Account Settings Web page,
Log Out from both S.A FORUMS & S.A Main Site and empty your Web Browser cache & close it. Reopen your Web Browser and login again on the Forums and you should be good to go.

Hi @willsonic thanks for chiming in with a quick answer :wink:

There was no need to open a new topic in a new category tough, replying to the original topic avoid to have duplicates and helps maintaining the forums database loads, thanks :wink: