How to create an ongoing sound

I was wondering whether it’s possibele (and if yes, how) to create an ongoing/continuous sound from a short vocal stab.

Like “Doo” should become “Dooooooooooooooooooooooo”

Is that possible with a VST or in Ableton?

Thanks in advance!

Melodyne is your answer matey :smiley:

Melodyne will create a really bad sound in my opinion. I would take the sound and do some chopping up and loop the end part. you can then play with start and end times and the fades to try to make it work. Throw some reverb so that it washes together and see what you come up with that way.

You can do it with sampler.

good question i would love to know it as well

Thanks for the replies thusfar.

Tried it with Sampler. Multiple Samplers. Tried it with chopped up audio samples as well.

Not satisfied yet.

It’s just not that smooth.