How to create this deep bass sound?

I am trying to create a sound similar to the baseline sound on this track: (about 32 secs in) - YouTube

I have tried using a couple of hardware synths i have (Moog Mini) (BassStation) (A4) but can’t get a sound thats deep and clear enough (if that makes sense).

I have tried using Operator and Analog (sine wave a, with a square wave b).

Its a baseline sound similar to that of Latmun and Solardo I’m looking for. Any help or a point in the right direction would be appreciated!


its a live bass.

check out How To Make Disco Loops using Ableton Live - How To Sound Like Chic, Olav Basoski | Tutorial 1 - Intro

there are some live bass samples in that course resources

Thanks, ill take a look!

Tried playing about with some live
Bass samples but can’t seem to get the deepness of the sound I’m looking for (if that makes sense). If i pitch the samples down the quality is poor. Any further tips
Or info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!