How to do an airy pad?

the airy pad that comes in around 2:00. how do you do something like that in general, a pad that floats like butter on top of everything?

i’d take some soft but not too simple pad from absynth or omnisphere, add a highpass filter and send it to a super long reverb, sidechain the pad and reverb a bit, and it sounds nothing like that at all.

It could be a layered sound because it sounds a little bit like an “ah choir”, too. Sounds like this of course you can create with your Omnisphere plugin because there are endless pad and choir samples! For example there is a preset called “Air Magic Carpet”. This preset has that glossy charakter like that pad in that song. And you have a huge choir collection in Omnisphere, too. So i would try to layer these sounds in Omnisphere and play with the filters. I think it’s a light open low pass filter but I’m not sure. If not you have many great filter alghorthm in Omnisphere, too!

thanks.played around a bit. still doesn’t sound right. i think it’s more about the stereo effects. played around with large reverbs (valhalla vintageverb) and waves stereo imager but that’s not it, it’s not as present in the room as the pad in the song.