How To Enable Sound Normalization?

Hello Friends,

Have you tried sound normalization? If yes how do I use it under Windows? Any help?

Hi there @BrownJk

What are you trying to achieve exactly ? There’s many ways to apply sound normalization, it’s not really related to the Operating System you’re using but more to the applications you’re using to do it ( which is linked indeed but some apps will work on both Win & Mac ).

Sound normalization can be done outside your DAW using 3thrd party software like Audio Editors, but also inside the DAW, either within Audio track or at the DAW export when rendering audio files, some DAWs like Ableton Live have a “normalization” option to choose for. It all depends “what” you want to do with it & “when” during the music production process.

You may want to normalize different Audio Samples before importing them inside your DAW, in this case you’ll be using an Audio Editor offering this feature, or normalize all your audio files export ( per tracks ) when rendering audio outside your DAW after a first Mixing session for example. In that second case you just need to use the “normalize” feature inside the DAW if it offers you this option.