How to extract a vocal from a track to make a bootleg

Would really like to know how to extract just a vocal from a track and layer this vocal onto one of my own tracks to make a bootleg. I’ve heard audacity is the goto app for this, but don’t really know how to use it. Any tips anyone?


I have read about this some time ago. It is very tricky. I’m sure it has something to do with phasing out stereo panning to isolate what’s in the centre… I think you can use Live’s Utility tool but I’m not 100%. My advice for acapellas is to register with something like acapellas4u or visit iTunes, I know Defected do a load and only 79 pence each.

If you have any luck with isolating a vocal let us know.

As per the previous comment this is not easy to accomplish - I know, I have tried it! As far as I am aware the Audicity app can only REMOVE vocals and not extract them so you can make use of them. There are loads of youtube totorials and one on SC to achieve vocal track removal but I have yet to see one which does the later. My advise would be to be selective on which tracks you want to use the vocal from - pick ones with very low ambient sound on a breakdown and use Autofilter chains to cut out the frequencies you don’t want or else scan the various web sites which provide isolated vocal stems to work with. Plucking a vocal from the middle of a noisy main section and cleaning out all the other frequencies so you have a “clean” sample is damn near impossible.

Thanks guys, think the accapellas4u web site is the way to go :slight_smile: has more…

Acapellas4u is balls…