How to extract sounds from/clean up samples

Hi! This is not really a suggestion for a How to get that sound. I was just wondering if it is possible to create a general tutorial on how to clean up samples.

  • Get rid of background noise (hizz etc…)

  • How to extract vocals/sounds from the music.

  • How to get rid of vocal/sounds, so you only hear the background music.

    Even dough I am a newbie, i know that this is not easy, and in many cases impossible. Im aware that you will not end up with a really clean results etc…, it depends on the track, stereo mixing… And that you may have to use the sample in a way that some of the noises you cant get rid of “drowns” etc…

    I use Ableton suite 8, but maybe there is some vst’s or other programs (ex. audiacity) that are helpful? I know audiacity have a noise removal feature at least.

    The way i understand this subject is that you use eq, gating, utility tool, spectral eq? etc…

    I was also wondering if you can use sound cancellation in this process? but then you have to have a clean inverted sample of what you trying to get rid of… maybe not so easy to come across…

    If anybody else is also wondering about this, it would be nice to see a tutorial about this.