How to Find a Female SINGER?

How to Find a Female SINGER ? I mean really where are they at !! Millions of Female Singers out there so how Do you find one ! Not to hit on or sleep with I mean Just to write music with . Guys I can find doing this sort of thing anytime but I would like to go both ways :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I just camp out at American Idol and wait for the losers ? :cool:

go to a local college and either post a want ad or approach a music teacher and tell them what you have in mind.

[quote]tommyt (03/06/2010)[hr]go to a local college and either post a want ad or approach a music teacher and tell them what you have in mind.[/quote]

Hmm Good call I would get my girl to sing but I would like a SINGER that Really enjoys it & knows alittle bit about music production . I have a new trance track in the works and my Girl can’t hit the notes I need . How about websites that have singers looking for Music to sing on ?

Depends how many “friends” you have on your Facebook I guess but it would be pretty easy to just put in your status ‘Female singer wanted for music project’, or something along those lines and have a load of people get in touch with you, either regarding themselves, a friend or someone they know that is a good singer.

Or you could trawl through peoples soundcloud or myspace accounts to find someone.

Thing is, you won’t find a problem finding a female singer, every girl and her dog want’s to be a singer (and dancer funnily enough), much like every guy want’s to be a DJ.

Just like the DJ’s though, it’s the sifting the wheat from the chaff (and a lot of chaff there is).

Ask to hear a showreel, if they don’t have one but you’re interested in giving someone new a chance then just ask them to record something for you to listen and see if you’re happy with, either the vocals you had in mind or something they’ve written.

stand on the corner like a crack dealer… :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]howiegroove (03/06/2010)[hr]stand on the corner like a crack dealer… :P[/quote]

Howie I think you mis-read he wants a singer not syphilis

go to the website indaba. you can collaborate work with other musicians and find a vocalist you like. never tried it myself but seems to me it could work for your case.

Just find one you don’t like and autotune the hell outta it like everyone in the hip hop game does.


lol spot on Raymond!

Can anyone actually sing these days? Look at Pixie lott, cant sing for toffee but still doing well.

God bless technology.

firstly, how do you all record vocals on live?