How to find out the note of a acapella?

hey i would love it they could to a video on finding out the key of a acapella… this would be helpful since i have trouble with this…

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mixed in key

You could try to play the keys the vocal hits. In other words, play the vocal solo on piano.

Cause what would you do with the key of the acapella? Say it’s in E. Then what?

Another thing you could do actually is try to get the scores/sheet music of that acapella.

use software “Melodyne” by Celemony. it’s a bit pricey but it is one HELL of a tool for working with vocal and audio. (you can even save it’s detections as midi files and play about with it as you please)

Buy Melodyne.

Melodyne is great but tbh if all you want to do is to detect the key of the vocal then just used Mixed in Key, much cheaper and very useful for exactly that kind of thing. That’s what I would use for that very job. If you’re looking to pick out specific notes in the melody etc then Melodyne is the one you want.