How to get a tighter kick in E1 key using Kick 2


I’ve been having a hard time trying to make my psytrance kick tighter on the E1 key. There just a lot of trail at the end of the kick and feel like there’s still a lot of rumble after I boosted the root note at 41hz to about +1 db.

I’m using Kick 2 to design the kick. Any tips on getting the kick tighter? Here’s what I’ve done to try and tighten the kick.

Low cut 30hz at 36 slope
Compressed kick at 4.1 ratio

Hey there @paulazizeh

A screen shot would help to see how exactly you’ve been setting the nodes to design your kick.

There’s a length slider to adjust the kick length beneath the main window, it doesn’t matter if you’re working on the “pitch” or “amp” screen, the length slider is common to both. That’s a first thing to try. Then the last nodes ( on the right ) and the curve between them will also have an impact on the kick low end length, using a curve between the nodes or jumping in keys will create longer tails & heavier 909 or 808 types of sound. The sub harmonics knob on the right can also drastically change the waveform of the kick body, so it’s something to check as well. For the click sound(s) there’s also a knob to adjust the click length per click slot, you can solo/mute each click sound and of course the sub ( the kick low end part ) to check where’s the tail coming from.

I also suggest to watch this Kick 2 walk-through video on S.A YT channel as well as this free course on their website, both are very informative about using Kick 2, features & sound design tips.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !