How to get is this vocal sound?

I have noticed that a lot of producers that I like, add these sexy sounding female vocal samples in a lot of tunes. I have tried to do it myself with existing vocals but I am not sure if these producers are using a particular type of vocal sample, or perhaps mangling existing vocals. Below I will post 2 songs so you can hear what I am talking about.

Jaytech - groove nova [url]- YouTube around 1:30 and 3:25

16 bit lolitas - cold energy [url]16 Bit Lolitas - Cold Energy - YouTube 2:36 and 4:35


they both sound slightly different.

first one sounds like auto gate… you could achieve something similar with the autopan in ableton.

the second sound like the vocal is being retrigered.

you could use a few simplers with different bits of the vocal in each one and assign them to different keys