How to get Plug ins required to use in Tech Trance Tutorial

I am new to Ableton Live 8 and started to go through the Tech Trance tutorial and have managed to get to the part that requires inserting a Sylenth 1 from Plug ins, but when I select Plug ins there is nothing there.

How can I get the plug ins required?

Can someone please help a frustrated newcomer?

Thanks in advance.


ya need to buy the sylenth!!!

one of the best buys you will ever make in production. its just been voted the fav soft synth i think recently and only 150quid

Sylenth1 | LennarDigital

there is nothing in plug-ins coz you dont have any external ones yet.

you need to either buy them or a lot of them are free on the net. sylenth, you need to pay for!

Thanks very much.

The info you gave me was spot on, I managed to download it free from the internet.

That’s me back on track now and hopefully soon I will be churning out my own track.