How to get that sound : Funky Techno Synth

Hi mates,

I am a techno producer (I already signed/released 15 - 20 tracks on several label), also working for some electronic labels, and I am really used to work with Ableton (No problem with the rythmics, gimmicks, constructions, …) but, as i didn’t make any musical studies, I sometimes have some problems with the melodical part !

I would like to get a funky techno synth sound, as Joey Beltram’s, or (if you want a more concrete and recent exemple) Bryan Cox …

Here you go for the example ( @ 2:20 of the track “I Love Money” on PHNTM | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos ) ! That’s exactly the sound I would like to get!

I am quite new on this forum but I would like to become a “paying member” and take part of the community, and I really think you guys can help me to go trough this problem!

Thank you!

The track you posted is a 3-4 notes bassline and a sample from a 1/4 beat or 2/4 sample from a disc track the rest of the track is just sequencing and filtering.

I do not think you can create this by sitting down and making a melodie :smiley: but I could be wrong :slight_smile:

thank you for your answer! is anyone able to show me this in an ableton project then ? Would be so helpful!

I think that u can apply the same techniquest to any sequencer.

after u choose ur samples and eq it ( taking most of the bottom end )

u going to create a group track and insert it an autoFilter effect . then automate it .

now every sample should have a different automation to make it sound like that track .

and forgot of course that compress it well would help to make it sound punchier

hopefully that helps