How to get this bass?Louie cut Cats with thumbs Im very noob and i really like this bass :slight_smile: can anyone help me out? id like to know how to make something like this bass ore at least the midi sequence thanks :slight_smile:

Hm… Seems like a layered saw/sine wave combination.

Take something like analog. Try 1 saw wave, keep it in the original octave. Add another sine wave at -1 octave. and maybe a saw at -1 octave. Use a low cut filter, and place it at a frequency that takes away the top end crunch of the saw waves. That should be fairly close.

(I didn’t actually try this btw, just trying to think of it in my head aha)

hope it helps, or atleast got you closer to the result you’re looking for.

As for the sequence its just a rolling bass that hits on the down and upbeat. So like 8th notes, one on every kick and one between every kick as well.