How to get this thick Bass with the Kick + Achieving this synth sound used... (Yin by Wolfgang Gartner)

I have a couple questions about this track, I have been trying to figure it out for over a half year and am asking for some help now haha.

Its Yin by Wolfgang Gartner and Francis Preve. Here is the link to the song:

- YouTube

What I am trying to figure out is how do they get such a phat kick with a lot of feel yet still have a bassline so booming? Ive tried so many different methods, from heavy sidechaining to shelfing below 100 hz on the bass and boosting around 60 hz on the kick… to trying the opposite and I cant achieve this sound. The closest Ive come has too muddy of a low end. Its mind boggling to me!

Also, I love that scratchy Synth they use (introduced to the song at 2:30) and have tried recreating that too . I think it has to do with an LFO modding the pitch and Cutoff at an extremely fast rate but I still havent gotten the sound like that, just the basic characteristics of that sound.

So any help would be grateful so I can figure out how they do this once and for all :D:D

Thanks :smiley:

are you compressing your subs ?.

i tend to heavily compress the subs maybe this would help? also eq   try put a lp filter on the subs  and high pass on your kick to filter out extreme lows:)

I think Francis is using a dual kick with the second kick coming in as strictly a sub bass kick on the offbeat. I am lost in the scratchy noise. I do know that he uses alot of macros in his music. I also know that for this release, he only used Ableton synths… nothing more. So… hope that helps.

I have obtained a similar scratchy sound using V-Station long ago

I do not remember what I was modulating exactly but it involved the LFOs and Mod Env.

I will try at home and tell you for sure:P

The Kick on Yin is Very Tight with a short attack, I’m sure howard is correct about it being a second kick (possibly layered with a sine)

I’ve just put Yin into logic and used a low cut filter to see how much was way down, managed to get the filter upto 50hz before anything started to change sound wise with the bass the bass completely vanishes at 320hz. the kick in the track is quick and punchy but has a lot more bottom end than the bassline imo so you may wanna try cutting off a bit of the bottom on your bass instead of boosting it