How to make 90s Breakbeat or Big Beat tutorial request

and another suggestion is a tutorial of my favorite styles, the breakbeat or big beat. Here there has been a punk synth tutorial is very good, which closely reflects the current sound of the prodigy, but I suggest this time is those styles in its early seasons in their old skool. It goes without saying that these styles were a revolution in the world and currently continues to evolve, we all know that records like “The fat of the land” of the prodigy, came to electronic music and punk rock an audience, breaking borders. In these styles dominated by larger powerful rhythms processed low acid lines of synthesizers, sampled voices etc … influenced by rock, punk, hip hop and funk. Many interesting techniques must have in these styles, or something like getting some acid-like Josh Wink, the first rhythms Prodigy and The Crystal Method, synth effects to the Chemical Brothers, juggling time stretching to Fatboy Slim etc … great revolutions in the 90’s with breakbeat and bigbeat, side rocker punk and electronic music.:smooooth:


The Prodigy:

Your love. The Prodigy Your Love 1991 XL - YouTube

Everybody In The Place. - YouTube

Out Of Space. The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Official Video) - YouTube

their law. - YouTube

Funky ****. - YouTube

The Chemical Brothers:

Chemical Beats. Chemical Beats - YouTube

Song To The Siren. - YouTube

Leave Home. - YouTube

Block Rockin’ Beats. - YouTube

Block Rockin’ Beats live. The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats (Live @ Trafalgar Square, 2007) - YouTube

Fatboy Slim:

Song For Lindy. FatBoySlim-Song For Lindy - YouTube

Going Out Of My Mind. - YouTube

Everybody Needs A 303. - YouTube

ACID 8000. - YouTube

The Crystal Method:

Busy Child. - YouTube

Keep Hope Alive. - YouTube

Cherry Twist. The Crystal Method - Cherry Twist - YouTube


Psychopath. - YouTube

Fire Like This. - YouTube

Come in Hard. Hardknox - Come in Hard - YouTube


Take California. Propellerheads --- Take California - YouTube

Lunatic Calm:

Shockwave. Lunatic Calm. Breaking Point. Shockwave - YouTube


Storm 3000. Leftfield - Storm 3000 - YouTube

Junkie XL:

dealing with the roster. Junkie XL - dealing with the roster - YouTube



Josh Wink

Higher State of Consciousness. Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness - YouTube

I like that an acid

Rennie Pilgrem:

A Place Called Acid. Thursday Club - A Place Called Acid (Rennie's Acid Indigesti - YouTube

great song

Fingers Project:

Give Me A Wink. - YouTube


Rollin’ A Hard Six. - YouTube


Botz (Synthetik). - YouTube

as the acid reaches to the top


humanoid. Humanoid-Stakker humanoid - YouTube

classic for not passing year


Stop and Panic. Cirrus - Stop and Panic - YouTube


Window In The Sky. Acen - Window In The Sky (Kingdom Of Light Mix) - YouTube

Gus Gus:

Purple. Gus Gus - Purple - YouTube


On A Ragga Tip. SL2 - On A Ragga Tip - YouTube

Yves Deruyter:

Outsiders (Marusha 12" Remix). - YouTube


Southside Reverb:

Reverberation (Northside Remix). Reverberation (Northside Remix) - Southside Reverb - YouTube

Friction and Spice:

Groove Me Original Mix. - YouTube

I’m not sick of hearing

Mix factory:

Take me away (Original extended mix). - YouTube


From Spain Sigma7:

Exotik Punk.

Spanish power


Juandi, Spain, Malaga. Breakbeat and Big Beat 90s:kiss:

Tutorial now!!!:alien:

Ahh mate this gets a big thumbs up from me! I love all the oldskool hardcore and half of my record collection is this, it would be great to be able to make my own! come on sonic academy how about it? can we have some variation from the usual tutorials that are here

Some classic tunes in there mate. Love em all.:smiley: