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90s Breaks with Protoculture

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Back with an all-new monster ‘How To Make’ course, Protoculture’s here to create a classic 90’s Breaks tune from scratch!

With the recent resurgence in this genre from the likes of Bicep, Trance Wax and Franky Wah, Nate dives headfirst into this style using recognisable breaks and 90’s synths to recreate the sound and nailing it with a textbook classic.

Over 3 and half hours you’ll get to learn how to build the drums, bass, pads, keys, leads and FX before carrying out a detailed mixdown and master.

Packed full of production tips and techniques this one is not to be missed!

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Absolutely wonderful tutorial! I’ve been looking for something that covered this era for awhile now. The track reminded me of any given Friday night in Orlando, Florida circa 1997.

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Thanks great tutorials! Lovely sounds. I also enjoyed the music theory part, lots of different patterns and they still all blend well together.

Hello !
I wanted to tell you that you are really, really great! You tell us everything about the studio mix, I feel a real good forward thanks to you. Thank you with all my heart!

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I update my Nuendo (aka Cubase) and as soon as Nate shows the ampenvelope trick at the start of tutorial 2 drums, my mind is blown! Nate is a Cubase power user supreme - just to appreciate the artistry of crafting in this DAW is worth the price of admission alone!

tut 2 drums is epic - great use of the SSL J strip to “EQ” and d16 decimort to give that retro crunch… this chapter needs to be the “free view” on youtube to sell this course - Nate really demonstrates his strong knowledge of WHICH plugin can do WHAT. Learning so much already! Brilliant, Nate! Thanks!

Nate knows his plugins - don’t despair - when Nate used Color Copy bucket brigade reverb on the vocals tutorial, I went to KVR marketplace and selecting Color Copy, at the bottom were listed comparable or similar plugins. I have Audiority Deleight. Also mentioned were the Arturia delays, etc.

*So if there’s a plugin you feel is the “secret sauce” - go to KVR and find out if you have something already at your disposal that can work in a pinch! cheers!

here is a link to the reviews of AIKO skin for Diva that Nate uses here - fyi - hope it’s ok for me to share the url so ppl have a reference:

Really enjoyed this one, would love to see some more from you relating to this sort of genre! Thanks for sharing this with us!