How to make 90s jungle tutorial request

for when a tutorial on how to do a jungle theme in the style of the 90 Omni Trio (Renegade Snares), Leviticus (Burial), Aphrodite (Woman That Rolls), Shy fx (Nuttah Original), 4Hero (Universal Love), Goldie (Innercity Life), Wax Doctor (The Spectrum) etc … … etc. etc … great time, great sound and great style that can not be forgotten. I personally am tired of so many tutorials 1000 house ways. Claimed responsibility deeper into other styles such as breakbeat, jungle, DNB or Elektro (Anthony Rother, Afrika Bambaataa, Aux 88, Kraftwerk etc …), in this case, JUNGLE. How do these techniques with the rhythms (Apache, etc …), Love those deep bass, vocal tones and many more … It was a revolution in the mid 90’s. Other sounds, other musics, fed up with House. Juandi, Spain, Malaga, up the pace. :slight_smile:

Listen: 4 Hero - Universal Love

- YouTube

Aphrodite - Woman That Rolls

- YouTube

Leviticus - Burial

- YouTube

Omni Trio – Renegade Snares WOW!!!

- YouTube

Shy Fx - Original Nuttah Revolution!!!

- YouTube


how about some metal heads

got the 12" somewhere… :cool:

super sharp shooter

dead dred

renegde terroist

Supasharpshootashootinsupafastshots - Bang!

The s, the h, the o, the o, the t… and so on. Love that tune :smiley:

come selecta ta ta ta ta

erm, i’ll get my coat.

Man, I’d love to see a jungle tutorial on here.

I know there are more house and techno fans here, but the only dnb tutorial is pretty old, and not up to the usual standard of Sonic Academy.

I agree, I love all the 94 to 97 style jungle and know one has touched on it yet, come on Phil how about it?