How to Make a break beat song


I would like to know what a good arrangement looks like for breakbeat songs.

Like 8 bars of drums then 16 bars of drum and bass and then vocals on bars 9 amd 25 or something like that. I know how to make most of my sounds now but I get confused when trying to arrange them. Once I see it layed out in front of me once then I can do it forever after that.



They’re working on a breaks tutorial last I heard. I don’t know how it’s coming along though…


That would be awesome.

Thanks for the reply Raymond

Hey, I’m a break beat head at heart as well…

What I would say to you is that your claps will always be the same as a typical house song…

Your bassline [obviously] is what you need to mess around with… I like the florida/miami bass style so my bassline is just a tad bit different…

Compared to plump dj’s and that famous nu skool uk break style

I can send you some 32 bar with just claps and basslines if you want…

As far as the bass goes… I lower the frequency and stretch it out to get that low “punch.”

ANyhow… send me a PM and Ill try to help.