How to make a sound on sylenth 'sweep' in?

Hey I made a little acid sound on sylenth1 and I wanna have it sorta sweep in quick at different parts of a track im working on, you know as a nice fx sound for a bit of decoration.

I was just wondering what I need to modulate and how on sylenth. I tried doing it manually with auto filter but its not rly cutting it, I think it will sound much nicer if its done in the synth. Any ideas?

Jan - is it filtered in the synth itself? I guess you’ve got a decent envelope on the filter as well?

Then can’t you select a modulation source for the filter cut off in one of the open mod boxes? I sometimes put velocity as one here for a little simple change up.

Yeah well if nt touched the filters that much apart from setting up a envelope on cutoff ab. Ill try post up a video so you can get a better idea of what im trying to do.

cool I’ll take a look when you’ve done it.

You can hear it from about 1:26, it seems to pan from right to left as well…

you could try using a bandpass filter in auto filter over a distorted synth line and use auto filter lfo to create the sweeps. then use volume automation to cut the bits you dont want.

well, not entirely sure on this.

I’ve been experimenting but not quite getting it yet.

Tried setting a Med Attack and Med Sustain on Mod Env 1 which was set to Cutoff A. Then messed with the LFO set a very high rate. Not quite getting it.

I got it I pretty much ended up modulating everything including panning, lotsa delay and I opted to just automate the frequency cutoff of the auto filter manually and I set it to high pass.

I didnt want to replicate tyas too much just try and get something similair which I got, thnx for the help.

I also wanna say that modulation adds so much to the sounds, it really keeps them interesting and sound alot more proffesional.