How to make a sound "reverse" effect in ableton?!

hello, just want to know how can make this effect in ableton.

@ 1:47 to 1.50:

resample it and hit reverse - that should do it mate

[quote]gofunk (24/06/2010)[hr]resample it and hit reverse - that should do it mate[/quote]

i try it, but doesnt work… theres some info here :slight_smile:


it’s just a reversed reverb on the vocal, not knowing what set up you have i’d do it this way.

Copy into a new file and then reverse the first word of the vocal in something like soundforge/audacity, then add a little bit of reverb to the last part of the word, then select all reverse it and your vocal with have that drifting in reverse tail type sound on it, render as a new file drop it into your project.

thanks 4 the help everybody :slight_smile:

[quote]isoz22 (25/06/2010)[hr]W[/quote]

You’re going way too far into it.

If you want to reverse a vocal… highlight the audio you want reversed and hit this button

If you want to do a reverse reverb.

Highlight the clip… hit that reverse button. put reverb on that reversed clip then right click and select “freeze clip” and then right click again and hit “flatten clip”. highlight the original clip and then the extra “tail” that was created from flattening the clip and right click one more time and select “consolidate”.

Then go back one more time… highlighting the new consolidated clip and reverse it again.

Next thing you know… you’re sounding like Phil Collins