How to make Ableton recognize external gear

Hey guys i am trying to connect my Roland JV - 1080 just for kicks , i got cubase 5 to pick it up no worries, but in ableton i can’t get it to work :confused: , what do i have to do in Ableton for it to pick it up??

cheers guys.:smiley:

If you go into LIVE’s preferences and click on the midi sync tab you should see your midi devices port’s.

If you highlight track & remote for input & output, that should be you sorted.

If you dont see your midi ports check your midi driver’s set-up on your computer.

Hope you this helps :slight_smile:

5id cheers mate, thank you very much, will try right away :smiley:

Just connected my roland MC505 groovebox going to muck around with it now ;), see if there are any good sounds i can still grab from these beasts :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky man you have a 505 :smiley:

If you have an external mixer try recording a pattern from your 505 into ableton then back out to your mixer and back into ableton.

One way to get really dirty sounding hats :wink:

Hey 5id your method work to some part it picked up the hardware.

In the end though i had to do it this way.

  1. created a midi track.

  2. went to Ableton’s plugins folder and loaded Instrument rack, then inserted into inst.rack , external instrument.

  3. Midi to:

    Mobile MIDI


    Audio From:

    7/8 (external port)

    That seemed to work , just thought I’d do some steps for people in case they ended up like me ;).

    Again 5id cheers cause your method allowed me to get some more midi options :wink:

    505 seemed pretty average to me , but im using the JV-1080 got some good sounds after effecting them a little :slight_smile: