How To Make - 'Are We On Air' with 7 Skies / 249

This is the big one, an epic 8 hours of ultimate insight into producing a track that has had heavy rotation on Above and Beyond's global radio show ABGT by uber producer ‘7 skies’. 


David’s passion and devotion to music production shines through here, as he leaves no production stone unturned. Showing you how to produce that epic stadium filling sound, from the first chords, drum programming and processing, right through to the arranging, mixing and mastering. 


This is sure to become one of EDM’s most sought after tutorials, and you guys get it here exclusive with all the stems, MIDI files and Logic project files. So, say goodbye to family and friends for the next while and take your production skills to the next level.


Best SA tutorial so far. Nothing left unexplained. Thanks David!

Just having one problem... When I tried to load the project I got an error message that Kick couldn't read some file format... but anyways, the project opened. So now I just installed the Kick v 1.11, hoping this would solve it, but now Logic crashes every time I try to open the project file. What version of Kick did David use for the project???

Is logic saying its Kick that is causing the crash or is it DJM Filter?

Says its the Kick:

Process: Logic Pro X [451]
Path: /Applications/Logic Pro Pro X
Version: 10.1.0 (3683.26)
Build Info: MALogic-3683026000000000~1
App Item ID: 634148309
App External ID: 590352671
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [210]
Responsible: Logic Pro X [451]
User ID: 501

PlugIn Path: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Kick - Nicky Romero.component/Contents/MacOS/Kick - Nicky Romero

PlugIn Identifier: com.sonicacademy.kicknickyromero

PlugIn Version: 1.0.0 (1.0.0)

Weird that it says version 1.0, since I just upgraded. Maybe I should remove all instances of Kick and reinstall it? How do I do that?

So can you open the project or is it crashing upon opening?

No, can't open it. It crashes every time now... If I disable Kick in Logic settings first I can open it, but of course not use Kick then...

It could be that kick is not installed correctly.
Try removing hd / library / application support / sonic academy / kick - nicky Romero

Then reinstall v1.11

Ensure you backup any user clicks or presets first if you need them

Done it, now I surely have v 1.11 installed, and it works when I launch it in an empty project. But when I launch the project file in this course Logic still crashes...

And it seems like the "click-file" that David used, the one called 7Skiesclick.wav shown in the video, is not included in the files and resources folder. Could that be why Kick is crashing, cause that wave file is missing?

Ive experienced similar issues in Cubase before, when I accidentally removed a click-file that I made by myself, that I couldn't launch the project file afterwards, since Kick crashed...

,Sounds like that is the problem.
Could you send the error report to customerservice at sonicacademy dot com and I will investigate for you.

Will also see if we can get the missing click

Ok, I have mailed the report, thanks

Thanks guys for this! You made my day! Not to mention my whole year :) David you are the best ;)

Thanks for the heads up. I got the same message upon opening the project file. I didn't upgrade to the latest version of Kick - just yet.

Great course, and I really love the track. Thank you 7 Skies.

Resources have been updated with SA KICK Preset
Installation instructions included

Hi Bryan,

it still crashes for me. Just opening Kick in a fresh empty project and then selecting User Kicks causes the crash too. I've got V1.1 installed.

Downgraded to V1.0.2 and can open the project but kick does complain about 'Error opening file'. The 7Skies preset is in place. Guess maybe the click is still missing as mentioned by muffly below?

Hi, I can't stream the videos on my mac. It is saying "missing plug in"......Have you got a fix for this? Thanks

Nevermind, i just had to download Flash Player.

I love his accent. It makes me feel like I am taught by Daft Punk.