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Baharat with Jermoe Isma-Ae

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If you’re looking for a quick-fix ‘How To Make’ course, look no further as we welcome back Jerome Isma-Ae by popular demand to run through how to make his new track Baharat from scratch in Logic Pro.

Using samples, recordings and straightforward synth sound design Jerome builds and processes each element, fitting it all together perfectly for an awesome oriental and progressive style track. Featuring the beautiful ‘Saz’ instrument professionally performed by his friend, Jerome cleverly morphs the initial vibe into arps, bass swells, chords and an evolving beat.

Coming in at just over an hour, this may be a relatively quick course compared to some others on our site, but no stone is left unturned, and it certainly doesn’t lack with standout hooks and a bad ass groove!

That’s not all!!

The How To Make Baharat Remix Contest is exclusive, here on Sonic Academy and you could be in with a chance of winning some cool prizes and ultimately getting a release on Jee Production Records, the global leading electronic music record label owned by Jerome himself.

To enter click on the "REMIX COMPETITION’ button above!

Good Luck!

Very interesting method to create the mid-bass.

great track!
Can i do this on ableton live too or do i need to have logic?
thank you

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Hey there @Schlapp

You won’t be able to open the Logic Project inside Ableton Live but since you have the audio samples in the tutorial resources as well it’s not a major problem and you’ll be able to replicate with Live own plugins and tools + your own 3rd party plugins to replace Logic’s ones.

In fact my approach & experience with this is that while it makes things a bit more complicated, it also forces you to adapt and find a way to apply the same techniques in your own DAW and it’s much more effective in terms of learning in the end, even if you will spend more time with it.

So in general don’t be afraid to follow tutorials that aren’t done in your DAW, stepping out from your comfort zone will only increase your learning curve.

Damn, what a treat! Instantly fell in love with this track when it was released earlier this year. I get big Pink Floyd vibes from it. Can’t wait to dive in and see how she was made. Thanks Jerome and SA.

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Jerome your work is always interesting and inspiring - brilliant and many thanks, Tim

Fantastic sound
When I initially joined Sonic Academy I looked at this course, but my results were pretty poor - I was not long starting out on this journey. Now that I ask a lot more experienced and understanding of certain concepts Ive tried this course again… Love it, and love how quickly you can more through the course as they are short and to the point - works when you know what you are doing of course?!

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Simply brilliant!