How To Make Bass Absorbers Tutorial

Hi there,

This is my 1st post on the forum and I was hoping someone could help me out. 1st off I would just like to say how much I enjoy learning with Sonic Acadamy and how much fun I am having being a student on the site. I have just finished building my home studio. I’m just waiting for a week for the plaster to dry out. I watched the tutorial on how to make bass absorbers and I want to make my own. I’ve just spent £1500 renovating the garage into a work environment for me to do my music studies so I’m trying not to spend much more money unless its necessary. I see in the tutorial that you use the fibreglass type insulation and glue the wooden frame on the foil side of the frame. I have a lot of Kingspan insulation left over from insulating the garage walls and I am not sure wither I can use this material instead. You probably already know what it is but in case you don’t, its the insulation that is like a solid foam that comes in large sheets rather than like the fibreglass sections. Would I be able to use this as an alternative to the one in the tutorial and if so, can I just rap it in the material and hang it around the walls on each side of the room? As it is solid enough already, I don’t think it require a frame of wood if you get me? I’m just not sure if this material is suitable or not and if it will treat the sound at all and I don’t want to do it wrong after transforming the room around the way I have. If anyone knows much about treating a room please share any advice at all. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to a reply. Cheers.

Im actually not sure about the styrophome style pannels… Seen them in b&q.

If you where using them i think beacuse they are hard surfaced the may reflect some top end.

You prob need to hang them loose… Like on rope or string to enable them to move.

You should check out john sayers forum… Loads of info on different types of materials.

No problem. I will check out that forum on it. Thanks for the quick reply. If anyone else on the forum reading this has any info please send it. Cheers.