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Bicep Style Breakbeats with Phil Johnston

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With the recent success of Bicep’s new album ‘Isles’ and breaks being very much back at the forefront right now, our very own Phil Johnston takes a look at some cool techniques in creating your own breakbeats and achieving that style.

We check out how we can build our own sample libraries to draw from to create an endless variety of breaks and ways of processing to tighten up the groove to get a vibe that’s super hot at the moment.

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I was hoping for a more comprehensive walkthrough this sound when I saw the course, as its a sound I’ve loved for as long as I can remember.

I’ve been asking for melodic / progressive breaks on this site since I became a member about 10 years ago!

Here’s hoping that one day we’ll get a proper course in this style.

This was specifically to look at how the beats are made, but will certainly look at getting a How To Make progressive breaks course!

Great course! I’d love to see more full tutorials in this genre walking through how to make tracks from start to finish like Richie Blacker, Bicep, Franky Wah, Ejeca, etc. Especially cool if one of them was willing to do a start to finish track break down.

Great stuff, short but plenty to get stuck into, would love to see more like this…Is that vocal pack forthcoming or available now?

seconded for Franky Wah start to finish! Would be great that.

Here’s an easy way to slice the drums and export from Ableton…

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What you need for making Bicep style drums and more…

Nice one!!! That’s actually super handy

Great one!