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Big Room Techno with Christian Vance

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Techno legend Christian Vance for an all-new Ableton based ‘How To Make’ course and this time he’s taking a no-nonsense approach by building a driving, energetic Big Room Techno track.

With just five main elements - kick, bass, synth, an 808 kit and a drum loop Christian builds this track from scratch, and as with all of his tutorials he utilises Ableton’s racks to modulate and manipulate the different sounds so there’s a constant flow of frequencies, velocities, delays and reverbs to keep the track moving, interesting and energetic.

Unlike most other club tracks there are no specific breakdowns, build-ups and drops in this track, however with slick use of filter automation Christian cleverly manages to create those ‘hands-in-the-air’ moments in this driving, brooding classic.

Another super accessible course for all abilities from a true professional.

Take your skillz to the next level and check it out!

well done!

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Vance is back , Big Room Boom

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@Christian Vance, the best way to produce and for the arrangement, I produce a 8 Bar Loop with all Elements in the Session, and then start the arrangement right?

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Hi @Maksim78 - there are many ways to do this but with this method keep all your ideas in session view for as long as possible - finding unique ways to add and subtract vibe/energy (using anything from mute/volume/fx and modulating the sounds) without having the linear style of the arrangement view in front of you. Play around and experiment this way so you learn instinctively how your ideas will flow even before you lay down any permanent arrangement. Then you can just simply keep your unique and core loop/idea and stretch it out over time in the arrangement view with many and varied ways to keep you and the listener interested. You will get a greater understanding in the tutorial… especially if you try it out a few times. Hope you enjoy it… that’s the aim too! :grinning:

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Thank you!

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great tutorial altho it would have been nice to see how you put together the bass mix rack exactly and explaining what its actually doing to the sound.

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someone please tell me why people still buy this expensive hardware!

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Great tutorial. Thank you, Christian. Especially for technical fundamental theory.


great insight into the frequencies for me, never really paid alot of attention to them but now im understand them its definitely helping, great course!

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Hey Vance,

I have been learning to produce for past 2 years on sonic academy but I just could not because most of the tutors are using expensive and complex plugins. Then I stumbled across you and being a Techno fan I could really relate to your style of teaching and keeping things simple, yet making awesome music.In fact I produced 4 songs just by learning from your classes.For me you are a real hero, as i struggled a lot while learning online.
I am sharing a link of the track i produced and it is dedicated to you forever. Its called “Comimg home”.I cant thank you enough.I wish I could meet you one day and learn more.
Love from India.

Nikhil Sharma

Limk>>> . SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

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@nikhilwow … you just made my day. This is absolutely awesome to hear and I am humbled. Music is about ideas, emotions, going on journeys… and it is about having the right tools and inspiration to get there. Just checking out your tracks now… my clear favourite is “For The Love Of ACID”. Happy music making! :muscle:

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Thanks for clarification.I was not aware of the fact.Apologies.

I m not able to figure out how to direct message.Please help.


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The Bass Mix video is worth the price of admission. Well done!

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This tutorial could be better if this guy does not talks too much. He keeps on repeating the same thing over and over again. Good job anyways


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the drums tutorial isn’t very clear. Can’t seem to get the mapping for the EQ sweeps correct at all. Is the eq placed on the individual high/mid/low groups within the drum rack, or on the drum rack chain?

would have been much more helpful to show you making it from the start instead of half explaining an already finished set up.