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Bouncy Tech House in Ableton Live

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In Sonic Academy's How To Make Bouncy Tech House we show from start to finish how to create a unique and quirky take on Tech House Music championed by the likes of Pleasurekraft.

We make full use of Sonic Academys ANA soft synth when creating our bass and lead parts and we also record in some vocals on the fly and use Abletons on board Vocoder, pushing it to its extremities to create an amazing sounding main riff.

All project files, samples and resources come bundled with the course.. so you can open them at any point and follow along on your own computer. 


Great tutorial!!! long awaited! :)

Love the tutorial on how vocoder and the ana synth is used! awesome.

THis genre is like Happy house, maybe it could be upgraded from &#034house&#034 and called &#034Home&#034


Great video series

Hi, Is it just me or is sonic fattner broke for everyone? when i try to load I get an error message from ableton saying, &#039the preset cannot be loaded, its probably broken&#039 I noticed when I unpacked the project files I had a few errors.
Ive tried downloading twice with the same results.
Im unpacking with win-rar if that helps...

hi Charlie, make sure you unzip with &#0347zip&#034
also ensure you are running the most recent version of Ableton!

you are my favorite tutor! loved the vocoder section :p lol

Hi, the link for the files and resources seems to be empty. Can you check it?


I think Bryan loved the vocoder section too meow_marisa! ... this is a great sounding track, I&#039m looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in!

Hi, great tutorial, where did you get the skin that you use? i find that it makes the devices easier to use. Thanks!

The title is about tech house, but the tutorial is about progressive or eletro house. confused no?

Awesome! Thank you.

Awesome! Thank you.

Awesome! Thank you.

did anyone else just pee yourself laughing on the vocoder lesson? (just me!) absolutely brilliant tutorial though!

Which Tech Tip has the so called Sonic Fattener Bryan refers to in Tut 3? (Trying to build in FL Studio)

i don’t believe this was ever actually created as a tech tip. It is discussed in the video tutorial what is happening however, and if you have a copy of ableton you can open the resources and use the plugin / macro to fully see what it is doing.

You can grab a demo of Ableton if you need

Well done Bryan, this is a solid tutorial. I’m a good way through it and your content, course flow, and teaching delivery are consistently on-point, and there several instances throughout where you provide extra bits of insight, very cool o’ you to do so.

Oh, and since I see this question/issue pop up in many a Sonic Academy tutorial comment section, let me share that Ableton is not my ‘native DAW language’. I started my in-the-box production with Cubase but have been a dedicated Pro Tools user for the last 9 years. Ableton and Pro Tools have a number of ‘optimal’ workflow differences–just go check out the slogfest about this over at Gearslutz. Or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet, I am having NO trouble at all following along with the coursework here. None.

I joined Sonic Academy 7 months ago and also got Ableton at that time, and have been using SA’s How To Make series to learn Ableton from scratch. Let me tell you that that was a real good idea…

:slight_smile: greg

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