How To Make - Chilled House With Vince Watson / 272

Following on from his hugely popular How To Make Deep Tech House course, we welcome back Vince Watson to Sonic Academy as he delivers a rather stylish Chilled House course. Think poolside party, beach vibes, and sun kissed beats.


Vince also delves deeper into the world of chords with a straight ahead look at 7ths, 9ths, Augmented and implication chords with a video that can be used as reference guide. So sit back, relax and enjoy this laid-back groove... 


Am I the only one having audio issues in the drums tut?

No, the audio was cutting out here and there for me too.

This should be working fine now

the drums are fine

Fantastic tutorial. I was wondering if somebody could give me a bit more clarification on the implication chords. Like how do you know which keys to press to imply a root (such as Cmaj in the video) and how does it change for minors (if it does)?

In other words, in the video, I can see where you get the 7th key "G" (it being part of the chord Cmaj) but I am not clear on why the key's "D", "D#", and "A#" are also used to imply Cmaj (since those are not part of the basic Cmaj triad chord).

Thanks for the comment, this is something we will look at in more detail in a future course. Was hard for Vince to cover in detail all the chords in one vid. We look at doing a chords course perhaps sometime very soon.

I've got this problem for some days now. Whenever I click on the tutorials…. nothing happened. I'm on a Mac computer.

Can't find a good link on the net that might explain the logic behind the notes of the implication chord Vince shows. If anyone has one please share. Thanks

Every scales have 7 different modes. In this case I believe its Cmaj dorian mode because it includes C,D,D#,F,G,A and A#.

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True masterclass

Good observation! Does this mean that implication chords are derived off the Dorian mode(s) of the root chord(s) you wish to imply?

That would be great. I really enjoyed the past music theory courses you all have done and I think a detailed tutorial on chords and/or a deeper tutorial on modes would be ace!

I think the example vince uses is quite complicated hence the confusion. AFAIK the usual way of implying a root is to play the 3rd and 7th and add anything else for colour. In C Maj, that would be E and B (white keys) but as pointed out, Vince is using C dorian where the 3rd and 7th notes are altered (they should be written as Flats IMO not sharps even though E flat is the same as D# and B flat the same as A#). Anyway the point is Dorian is not the magic cover all implication chord, anything with the 3rd and 7th of the chord you wish to imply can be used, so in Cmaj anything with E and B, in C dorian mode (a bit complicated for this tutorial TBH) anything with Eflat and Bflat, ... those two notes also cover Cminor though as Dorian is natural minor with a raised sixth note, so maybe that will help a bit.

That sounds great! Also, please make tutorials about how to use those music theory in practical way in electronic music production.For example, Phil was saying in a video sus4 chords are very useful in House music. I need a little more examples of what kind of situations I can use them in. (Say, in key of C, Csus4's 4th is F, but I heard F is an "avoid note". very confusing for me. ) Also how to use tension notes in composition & arrangement..I would appreciate if Sonic Academy make videos on these topics.

I started the introduction video and about 25 seconds in the audio was stacked with a delay. I then paused the video and the delayed voice of vince watson continued playing even though the video was paused. There was also no pause/play/full screen option like the usual videos had.

Got a question. I also asked in Subscriber area.
I LOVE the idea of putting a Sampler inside of a Drum Rack. Then loading 127 samples and equally distribute over values so that you can have 127 samples on one MIDI controller knob. However, can you still use velocity? Maybe I am wrong, but I think velocity is a thing you have to forgo. For example, if I wanted to alter the velocity on a hat or shaker pattern so that it shuffles a little and has a little more human feel, I can't. No matter what I do, they play at full velocity. Am I missing something?

There are two videos playing in the window that opens for the intro vid. If you scroll down you'll find the second one that's giving you the extra audio.