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Chilled Techno with Sharooz

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Sonic Academy welcomes London based electronic artist Sharooz to take the helm for this all new ‘How To Make Chilled Techno’.


Since his debut release in 2006, Sharooz has remixed the likes of Moby, Robyn and Howard Jones. He has received plays from Guetta, 2 many DJs and Pete Tong whilst touring extensively around the globe.


He is also the co-founder of the Sounds To Sample website (now beatport sounds) and the sound design company Sample Magic. Here, he guides us through the making of his trade mark sound using Cubase 7.5. This is the laid back underground sound of London at its best


Please note: This is a 3rd party Artist course, and as such may contain the usage of some 3rd party VST's 



yeh great...! when i try to load the preset for ana..... it doesn't work..... it just stays as the the init setting....? there are 2 copies of the ana preset titled "Sonic Academy preset.preset" but neither of them work? any ideas?

yeh i'm using the latest version of ANA and yes it's correctly licenced.....

I'm having great fun following this tutorial... now i find out my version of Reaktor Spark didn't install correctly and I have no way of knowing how to reinstall just this product when it was part of a bundle linked to a Maschine 2 purchase.... yes great fun banging my head on the desk on a Saturday afternoon! Stick to the plugins in the DAW SONIC PLEASE!..... another day.... no music made!

Hi Marc
we've added a few ANA replications of the Synths used in the project to the resources. Hopefully this will help

This is a well put together tutorial. Mostly because Sharooz explains his thought processes as he's going along. I'm not a Cubase user but that doesn't matter at all as it's so well explained that it would be simple enough to transfer these techniques to others DAWs. It does help of course that this genre of music is one of my favourites.

Glad you corrected his name Jon!! lol

Yeah damn autocorrect. It's caught me out a few times lately.

Sharooz or Shahrooz is an Persian(Iranian) name,but he has a native English accent.

yes, I'm working on this in Bitwig. It's pretty easy to follow along and tweak accordingly... more of this please. Sharooz nicely gives the quick and dirty on what he does and why. Love his approach as it brings to light some tried and true elements that you always hear in tracks of this genre - but wonder why they work. Thanks for enlightening us, Sharooz. Thanks for showing us how it's done. Peace.

In synth part, I dont understand why he put limiter on ANA.he says it's quiet.
I watched somewhere else Roger Shah put the logic limiter on the Kick channel.

great tutorial - here's my take on it - great stuff Sonic Academy:

Just finished watching this.... it really is a VERY good tutorial.... cheers Sharooz..... more from this guy please sonic! ;-)

Here's my latest after being inspired by this tutorial

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Amazing tutorial :clap:t2::ok_hand:t3::raised_back_of_hand:t3:


I keep coming back to this tutorial. It’s just super watching it come together, and packed with tons of know-how!

great tutorial!