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Chillwave with Kimasu

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This week we welcome back Scott Lowe who’s previous courses as Mescal Kids have gone down a storm! In this all-new ‘How To Make’ he is under his new alias Kimasu for a more downtempo melodic synth-heavy chillwave track called ‘Everyday’.

Building the track from scratch in Logic Pro Scott takes us step-by-step through the process of building the groove and basslines before tackling the chords, a massive 80’s sounding lead line, vocals and FX and then finishing off with a mixdown and master so it can be played out in all its glory!

Easy and simple to understand but with an epic sounding outcome this is an awesome course that you can follow along in any DAW.

Check it out!

Very good course.
Although I am an Ableton user, I think I learned a lot.
In the track, everything works together and nothing is superfluous.

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This is really dope! Sounds great! Looking forward to applying some knowledge found here. Thanks guys

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Thanks for sharing, I am not into Synthwave but really appreciated the sound design, arrangement and change of chords and mix tips. Eye openers.
Just a suggestion can we have the midi files with the samples? I am using Ableton and recreated the whole track but MIDI reconstruction takes quite a lot of time to do.

Great course, learned a lot.

The 80’s Lead video alone is worth the price of the course. This is the kind of magic that makes your songs stand out from the rest.

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Enjoyed the course. Cool song too.