How To Make - Complextro in Logic Pro / 327


Over the next 5 hours, Sonic Academy stalwart, Chris Agnelli takes us on a journey into the complex world of complextro.


From the first kick right though to the final mix down this 26 part course gives you all the tips, tricks and tools you need to start producing complextro today.


All this bundled with the song files and samples you need to complete course. So stick your girlfriend on ice and your phone on silent as you wont want to miss a second of this one.



I have been waiting a long time for this tutorial. So glad Chris is the tutor as he is one of my favorite artist! Can&#039t wait to work through this one this weekend!

the videos are bad compressed or something they look bad!

make sure you watch full screen, and if possible use the menu bottom right to watch in HD+

There definitely seems to be a problem with the Kick and Snare video, the sound comes though fine but the screen image just stays as the logic arrange picture. As jorgefilemon mentions, the screen also sometimes goes really spaced out with over colour and a blurred image.

i had no problems at all with the kick and snare video.

Problems went away for me on mac with latest flash player and chrome

all works fine and i have to say i F*ckin love this course !

i got the latest flash player and i still can&#039t watch the videos properly, any ideas?

btw, i watched other tutorials and they all work fine but this one..

It feels like Christmas every time we get a new tutorial like this!
Fantastic and thorough as always :)

Hi guys - the videos have been re-encoded and should all be working fine in all browsers

Bryan Spence: Nope. Not working here. Gets stuck all the time.

Hi Canucks, - i think you are maybe confusing the sticking issue with buffering. If you could contact us again at customer service we will have a look at this for you

It&#039s actually working now. Only the Kick and snare video didn&#039t work.

OMG YESSS been waiting for a complextro tutorial! Thank you Sonic Academy!

Hmm never heard of COMPEXTRO... Similiar to complextro just without the &#034L&#034 i guess ;p

I downloaded the zip resource file but it is only 321 bytes in size.

Wolfgang Gartner called he wants the drop to Nuke back...

hahahaha @ tenzin ^ ...nice one.