How to Make Computer/Robotic voices phrases without paying for software on a MAC - REVEALLED

Hi people been a while since I left any cool little tips on here, but this one is a quality tip.

Do you want to make rebotic/Computer based voices and speech, here is a little trick if you are using a mac.

Open up Utilities > Terminal and paste the following line of code between the speach marks in terminal and then press.


say -v Fred -o ~/Desktop/voice.aif Hello you have just create a computer vocal sample

a audio file called voice.aif will be created on your desktop. Open the audio file and listen.

Now change the following paramaters to create what you need for the vocals

Hello you have just create a computer vocal > WHAT U WANT IT TO SAY

Let me know how you get on and if this was helpful

Nice tip! :slight_smile:

This would have been a godsend like 2 months ago, spent hours downloading trial software just to get a 1 second vocal sample from my comp…