How to Make "Cream" by Claptone(#1 on Beatport Deep House!)

Tutorial on this bass line or the whole track?? It’s a MONSTER!!! Would love to learn how to make some grooving stuff like this-or maybe “Backflash” by Kellerkind

Cream-Claptone (Exploited Records

Deep House

Would love to have a tutorial on this or “Backflash” by Kellerkind

They have different, deeper groove than a Maya Jane Coles track…


[url]Claptone: Cream (Official Video) | Exploited - YouTube


[url]Kellerkind - Backflash (Original Mix) - YouTube

i would love to hear some input on this as well

The bass is easy to achieve . Most likely recorded analog gear with digital processing .

I think what you need to find out is how to compose something like this because I am very certain the sounds will not be a dilema for you after a few more tuts :smiley:

yeh 2 top tracks… deep house is going to be massive in uk clubs this year!

Really wanna make some of this moody style! :smiley:

Maya Jane Coles

Julio Bashmore

Maceo Plex!!

I have to agree on what bogdi just said. This is not really that hard to make. Think the idea of the track and arrangement is harder then getting the sounds.

Some percussion samples with conga’s are needed.

The piano chord isn’t that special. Right filtering and EQ-ing. That other piano loop might be a sample as well.

Most of the violins are probably samples as well. Those stabs can be made with a synth, but those risers and downers with the violin could just as easily come from a sample CD.

Think one important aspect is getting the right kick with some substantial low. And that doesn’t sound too harsh. Leave out some of the mids.

The other important thing is the bass/bassline. You notice that this really fits the kick. The key of the kick is important here in combination with the key of the bass.

If this is a real analog bass I am not sure. Could be EVM Bassline easily with the right compression and EQ-ing.

Think you should just start off with getting a laidback groove and adding some bassline. Here’s how I set it up for this one.

Daniel du Noy - … (Almost finished) by Daniel D