How to make Dada Life/Avicii Slow Down Effect

There is a similar effect that Dada Life uses in their remix of Kaskade-Dynasty (dada life remix) and also Avicii uses in his song “levels” It comes in at 1 min 10 seconds on the video below. It sounds very similar to a pitch bend, but it is more of a vinyl stop effect. I was seeing if anyone knows how to do it using Ableton? Or if Sonic Academy would do a quick tutorial on it,

I think he’s just using Effectrix mate. It’s a little effects Vst, does loads of mad s**t including vinyl stops

Effectrix | Effects Sequencer with 14 effects.

Effectrix is the nuts. Just Google Sugar Bytes

In logic 9 you can use the fade tool on any track to give it that vinyl break curve, and it’s easy, so ableton should almost do it for you.