How To Make - Dark Room Techno with Kirk Degiorgio / 550

what is the point of going into Maschine for each part?

Really cool stuff :wink:

He turns the master fader down? Is that not something the master engineer definitely does not want you to do? You need to achieve around -6dbs of space with it at zero

Great tutorial, I enjoyed it :slight_smile: Thanks!

great course!

Really helps one to watch an insider’s step by step construction of a whole piece that can easily be applied to one’s own work, and thankfully there are more in-the-box ways to approximate the thousand dollars of plugins used here.

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Great tips and walkthrough. Lots of learning. That said, by the end we were quite far away this being ‘dark’ techno…

Interesting, spoke too soon — one the sounds went into arrangement, the groove didn’t feel “too happy” anymore and the darkness (or seriousness as I call it), came back. Good lesson on how much the same sounds can deliver a different message depending on the arrangement story you end up telling…

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This is a good course of techno music!!! :slight_smile:

Love this tutorial, but the bass rumble is a key part and he already has a kick drum that has the rumble on it and then layers a couple of kicks on top of it. Any suggestions on how to actually make that rumble?

is there any real alternative for numerologyVST, that works on windows? great tutorial btw

look greatt !!

Brilliant insight, great inspiration for my next release. Top!


Thank you for making this tutorial.

It okay, he uses a ton of 3rd party plug ins, which is fine but harder to follow for people like me who cant really afford to drop hundreds of dollars on different VSTs. Albeton already has some of this functionality anyways, just show us how to use it.

Seriously cool, but what drug do you have to be on to really enjoy this style?

If you are a producer or established artist and wish to collab with me. Please feel free to hum. I use ableton and logic 9. 12 years exp, so of course I can make tracks, I have some releases on beatport as a solo artist, but i guess I would like to reach out and actually collab. stems is fine if we need to. peace


Is THAT music? What I must use before listening that “Musix”